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Good day, morning or evening. Do you know what I did today? I spent almost the entire day just reading comments on YouTube and not know how to respond to almost any of them. I’m not a very social person when it comes to just about anything and I think that most people would see me as awkward and pretty boring at social events. It doesn’t bother me at all but now I have something I’ve never experienced before, you.

I wish I could reply to each and every one of you and it’s not that I don’t have the time to do it, it’s that it’s all so overwhelming. I read every single comment, usually multiple times. There’s a few of you who comment on almost everything I make and every time I read it it’s like meeting someone at a party that you haven’t seen in a while, it’s a weird feeling and really hard to describe. Just like in those situations I have absolutely no idea what to say. I know that it’s not a very good explanation but for now I apologize for not responding as much as I probably should.

In other news, I got a suggestion a few days ago that I should write a bit about what inspires me to write certain songs and to explain a bit what goes into the process. It’s currently 07:30 in the morning and this is the end of my ‘hours of creativity’ because I’m getting sleepy. I’ve realized over the years that it’s almost impossible for me to do anything until after midnight. I think most people have experienced what happens when you’re awake for too long. It sort of fuzzes the edges of everything and that’s when I can write music and feel creative. Some people i know achieve this by drugs or alcohol which to me is a bit strange because I’m not a fan of either. I don’t do drugs and alcohol just makes me sleepy. I usually try to get up early and stay awake until I feel like all the worlds problems are gone. I’ve had binges when I’ve been up for 40 hours and I know that it’s not all that healthy and I don’t condone it in any way but it just happens. It wouldn’t surprise me if I have some mental illness that I don’t know about to be honest.

So, to the point. I guess I’ll start of with Shimmering in the Shallows as it is the most recent song. I’m a huge fan of flutes. In this song I used a penny whistle for the lead and a lower Irish flute to play the harmonies and some of the solo bits in the calmer parts. Something I did which I normally don’t is that I used both a harp and an acoustic guitar. I’m not a guitar player by any means to I tend not to use it but I felt that this song had room for one to go along with the tambourine and the shaker, they fill out the rhythmic section really well together. The percussion is a bunch of taiko drums and low bongos layered to mark out the beat while the higher bongo drums take care of the softer bits. And as I normally do, I added a string section to bring a bit of movement into the mix. That’s really it as far as the writing is concerned.

Inspiration is a funny thing. You know when you hear something and you almost instantly get a picture of a scene in your head? I can look at an image but I will never be as colorful or magical as the one I see on the inside while listening to a piece of music. My goal is to reverse that whole thing and build an image in my mind as I’m writing and try to convey that image to you. Of course the image will be different for everyone but as long as I can make you see and listen rather than just listen I’ve reached my goal.

I’ll probably regret writing most of this when I wake up, It’s more of a rant than anything else but at least I wrote something. 🙂

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