Good morning, afternoon or evening, whichever seems to fit. I’m Vindsvept and since you clicked on the About page I assume that you’d like to know a bit more about me, so here we go.

I’ve been living on the east coast of Sweden for most of my life and I still do. To be more exact I live in the city of stone also known as the city of dragons; not as romantic as it sounds but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I started playing piano in fourth grade and I absolutely hated it. I kept at it until I reached sixth grade because my parents and grandparents thought that it was a good idea. The year after that I tried getting lessons at my new school but was denied because I applied too late and didn’t get a spot. At Christmas that year I got my first keyboard and it really made music fun again. That same Christmas my brother got his first bass guitar, weirdly none of my parents were really into music like that but my brother being four years older than me really got me into music in a big way. It’s funny how two Christmas presents changed both our lives so drastically, I can’t imagine what either of us would be doing without our instruments.

The biggest event in my life musically must have been when my brother got his first Iron Maiden record, Brave New World. It was the first time I really thought of how much each instrument brought to the table in terms of the composition and being as young as I was, it blew me away. Being forced to listen to my brothers choice music through the walls really shaped my taste in music.

Three years went by and I kept playing on my horrible Yamaha keyboard. I was fifteen when I joined my first real band, we stuck together for almost six years as a band and I still consider them my best friends. That same year I decided to apply for a music focused high school which I went to for three years. It was pretty neat having a bunch of music classes every day when most other students were studying useful subjects.

I feel that this might be a good time to end this little introduction with an explanation of what I want Vindsvept to be. I started out with the goal of being anonymous. My family do know that I’m writing music but not under what pseudonym, I feel that I needed to start at that level because who I am doesn’t matter and no one should hopefully care who I am. This idea of mine might break at the seams later down the line if I decide to go another direction but this is what I’m comfortable with right now.

Thanks for reading!

To follow this up, many people keep asking what I’m using to create my music so I’ve compiled a list of the essential things, of course there’s more but I have to keep something a bit of a mystery, right?


  • MIDI Controller (UMX610)
  • Audio Interface (TASCAM US-1800)
  • Supreme CU-1
  • Millenium HA4


  • Cubase 5
  • Era Medieval Legends VSTi
  • Forest Kingdom VSTi
  • EWQL Symphonic Orchestra VSTi
  • EWQL Symphonic Choirs VST