Destroying a bass guitar, part 1.

13 years ago my brother got his first bass, he played it until his fingers bled, literally. Sadly, that bass later became mine for some reason, I played it for a bit but my soft piano fingers didn’t stand a chance. I used it in a band for about 3 years then put it on the wall and there it stayed until one fateful day. I decided it would be a fun project to rip off the frets from the bass and make a fretless bass, because they are much cooler and sound funny. I did this without the proper tools and as can be expected it looked pretty bad. I used a wood filler to fill in the gaps where the frets used to be and put it back together. It worked, it actually worked.

It was left in that state for many more years until I had another bright idea. A black bass? Meh, I bet I could sand the colour off and use some neat wood dye. What I didn’t know is that lacquer is harder than Mithril. I borrowed my fathers sanding machine and went at it. I got around 1/4 of the paint off it before the machine broke down. So I put all the bits in a bag and put in on a shelf for another two years.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to revive the old bass. Because it was ruined in so many ways but still playable I decided I wanted to make it look really trashed and old. I borrowed a heat gun and started removing as much as I could, the lacquer beneath the paint cracked but was still stuck to the wood beneath, so I removed a few chunks of wood. Here’s the first pictures I took, this is after 4 hours of the heat gun and sanding.

Bass1 Bass2

That’s all for now, I have many more pictures since I actually finished the project this time before writing about it. I think you’ll like the end result, I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, I’ll be posting the next bass-update shortly!


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