Destroying a bass guitar, part 2.

After torching the body with the heat gun I bought some white paint thinking I could make it look like an old piece of wood, like something made from an old barn door. I painted it and scraped most of it away. I wasn’t pleased with how it turned out. It was messy and a bit sticky, I expected it to be a bit flaky but it was soft even when it had dried completely.



The paint didn’t really stick the way I’d imagined. I sanded away a lot of it. A few days later I decided to buy a darker paint with the intention of having the white as an undercoat and the darker brown on top. The next time I took pictures the body was almost complete.

Here it is, I went at it with every tool I had and smacked it to make it look a lot rougher. I took this picture when I was testing to see if it was still working after fitting the neck. I found an old guitar string on the floor and had to put a nail though it to keep it in place, but it worked! Yay!



Next time I’ll show you the finished bass!

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