Destroying a bass guitar, part 3. It’s finished!

Ahoy! This is the conclusion to the bass building project. I added some random rings I found on the floor and painted them. One of them is a plastic strap-lock but it was almost the same size as the metal washer I found I decided to use it. In the final product you can’t even tell which one is which. I painted the knobs and even the bridge black and sanded it. I also painted part of the tuners but no moving bits, I didn’t want it to impact too much of the way it played and the setup.


After a few more hours of painting and giving it a bit of a beating here’s how it turned out. I put on light fender flatwound strings and the bass has a really warm round sound to it. Combined with the twang of it being fretless it sounds surprisingly good.


I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It’s probably my favorite instrument in my arsenal of stringed instruments I’m to bad to play. It has also been a great learning experience. I had to replace a lot of the electronics and rearrange some things. Being a complete novice in every way I think I did a pretty decent job overall!

Thanks you very much for following my little series of posts, one day I hope to upload something where I use this little beast but I really need to practice before I’m comfortable doing anything like that.

Have a great day and thank you for the support! 🙂



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