Here are the most frequently asked questions.

In what ways is it legal to use your music?

The short version is this, you can use it and remix in in any way you want to, even commercially as long as you credit me with a link to the original material which would be my YouTube page and the specific song in question.┬áCheck the downloads section for detailed information and link to the license information. You don’t need my permission to use it ­čÖé

Why are you not on Spotify?

There are many reasons as to why Spotify is not a good alternative for me. I have first hand experience of having material on there, I’ve been in multiple bands and Spotify has always been a hassle. The first major issue is that you’re not in direct contact with Spotify, you always go to a third party service that handles uploads. The biggest issue is control, my music is my most emotionally valuable things I own and aside from all the legal stuff it’s still not even close enough to what YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp offer, which is full┬ácontrol over my material.

Another big reason that I feel it’s not a good platform is the way I release my music. My personal goal is uploading a song every other week and as of writing this I’ve been doing that for three years. Having to go through more administrative work for every upload is really not an option at this time. I still work to pay the rent and write music in my spare time. As time passes there’s more and more administrative work that needs to be done which means that there’s even less time for me to write music, which is what I really want to do.

Hopefully I can look at this from a┬ádifferent view later down the line. Spotify is a great service for the consumer but sadly at this time it’s not for me.

Why isn’t your music free anymore?

It all started with emails asking for higher quality downloads as all I could offer at the time was mp3. Everything was hosted here on the website and it was a hassle to deal with, so I asked you, the listeners if you would prefer having the material on Bandcamp which offers much higher quality for a small price. The votes in favor of Bandcamp was overwhelming so I made the decision to switch over.