Hair and people

Good day, morning or evening. As I uploaded Fall of the Leaf I realized that I’ve uploaded 38 songs, phew. I spent a few days working on this song not knowing what I wanted it to be, it happens to me a lot but in the end I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

A lot of stuff has happened in a very short time so I’ve been very busy. It’s been two weeks since I uploaded the last song and I haven’t even started on the next one as of writing this. The first thing is that I haven’t had a haircut in just over 10 years and today I took off around 45cm of it so now I actually look like a human and not Cousin Itt from the Addams family. I just came home from the 5 hour adventure at the hair salon, it was crazy.

I also bought my first own apartment a few days ago and I’ll be moving late December or early January. It’s a really cozy little thing, I might share some pictures later down the line of my work area that I’ll be making in the living room. Hooray!

Third and last major event, I met a girl that I’ve fallen madly in love with so I got that going. It’s hard to write music being this happy to be honest. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in forever, she’s amazing.


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