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Good day, morning or evening!  As it’s been requested many times I thought I should show you what goes into making a Vindsvept song. I just released a new tune called On the Other Side and I’ve taken a few screenshots in Cubase, Photoshop and After Effects to give you a bit of a tour.


This is Cubase 5, my digital audio workstation of choice. I could use a later version but that’s simply a monetary issue. As you can probably tell, it’s a mess. It could be a lot more structured and I thought of naming everything just for this picture but I thought it would be funnier for you to see how unorganized my tracks are. There’s not really a lot I can tell you without having to teach you part of the program other than you can probably see the tracks on the left, those usually represent a single instrument/ensemble. Songs that have many instruments has many tracks and that usually makes the computer very sluggish.

On this project alone I think my computer crashed over 15 times. That’s one of the reasons I don’t usually do such big arrangements because my computer simply can’t handle it properly.

When the song is eventually done I start to mix and later on master the track, if you don’t know what those two things are, don’t worry. It’s just technical stuff to make the song sound good and loud.


Next up is Photoshop. My favorite website of all time is called (soon to be That’s where I find all of my pictures that I eventually make into the backdrops for my songs. The picture above isn’t exactly what I started off with but here’s a link to the source if you’d like to see it, It’s the one on the right.


After a bit of semi controlled chaos I end up with something I like, it’s mostly just messing with contrast and different colours.


On this picture I have added the logo and the song name. I have added even more colour correction and more contrast. I’m not using any third party plugins for this other than the flare in the middle which is a screenshot I took out of After Effects from the Optical Flares plugin by Video Copilot and just threw it in there. I do this mostly because I want to see the image in it’s entirety before I jump over to After Effects and finish it off.

AfterEffects_01So here we are, the last step of production. This is After Effects. Once I have put the image and the song in there I’m using 3 instances of CC Particle World to create the slow moving particles that you may have seen in my videos. To compliment the particles I also have larger elements that are rotating, those are actually clouds with really low opacity and they are in every single video. The only third party plugin I’m using in After Effects is Optical flares, I scatter them around where I think they look good, I also put one on top of the one I added in Photoshop, I think it makes it pop out a bit more.

What I’ve done to the image here is a bit more contrast and a slight change in colour. I have a vignette of blur that is making the edges a bit fuzzy. I just think that looks really neat and makes the focus a bit more on the logo rather than the image.

I use the same project file in Photoshop and After Effects for all pictures and videos, they sort of act like templates that get changed each time but they contain everything I need. That’s just to speed up with workflow more than anything else.

All that is left of the production is to render out the video which usually takes around an hour or two, that might seem a lot for 3 minutes of video but my computer old and is on its last legs.

That’s the tour! If there’s anything more specific you want to know just leave a comment and I’ll try to answer any questions as best I can.

Have a great day!


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