Ahoy folks,

I have been thinking of restructuring the current way I handle downloads. Right now all of the songs are stored on a server and in a format that most deem low quality, 320 Mp3s. I have never used bandcamp before but after getting requests for other ways to donate and to get higher quality downloads I thought I should combine them. The big issue with this is I feel a weird sense of pride offering my music for free, I just think that it’s a great way to handle it. But, in using bandcamp that feature will disappear. Bandcamp does not allow free downloads in that way, it has a max limit of 200 per month. To put that into perspective many of the tunes have almost 10k downloads, so those 200 wouldn’t hold up for more than maybe a couple of days.

A big feature with bandcamp is that I can put all of my material in one ‘album’ so that you can buy all the tracks and have them in high quality and with just a few clicks. Compared to the way that is done here on the website, eeh, it’s messy to say the least. I was thinking of putting a 5$ pricetag on the ‘Complete Works’ album and then have each song also available for 1$ if you want to buy them separately.

I’d hate to charge for this but it would make things a lot easier than having to do it all on the website. It’s been a pain for as long as I’ve had the website, there are too many issues to even get into when it comes to the downloads. I’d love to hear what you think about the pricing and if you think it’s a good idea to transition over to bandcamp, I really need feedback on this!

Have a great day!


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