Just a guitar

Well, I’m covered in dust and linseed oil. It smells funny but it does smell a lot better than the paint stripper I used to get the lacquer and paint off. It might seem like a lot has happened to the guitar since the last time I wrote about it but don’t be fooled, I’ve probably been going at it for 8-10 hours of sanding and making a mess since then.


I took some fancier pictures than last time. I installed the tremolo today but it’s completely blocked off because I can’t really see me using it. I’m not a dive-bomb kind of guy!


In the end, the guitar will have chrome hardware and a brown pickguard with black pickups and chrome knobs. I’ll make another post when I’ve gotten the parts and made it (hopefully) functional.

Oh, and it needs a name. Suggestions? 🙂

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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