Twenty Thousand and a Music Video

It has been amazing so far and I can’t really believe that the channel has reached 20,000 subscribers. I remember the first thousand as if it was yesterday. There’s no way I can explain to you the feeling I get from the little community that has formed in the comment section. I recognize so many of you from your avatars and names and seeing you around every now and then is just amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

The people Minecraft server I frequent, called DIverging Realms made me this amazing and absolutely huge present to celebrate.
How awesome is that?


I thought that I should try and do something I’ve never done before. I along with a very close friend who does not want to be named shot and produced a music video. It’s almost Christmas so this is my present to you guys and girls. I have no idea how it will be received, people might not even like it but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? I’ll probably elaborate on the video a bit more in another post, so for now..


… Have a great day!


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